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$ 66,600.– for early Lighthouse “Märklin No. 2255” (1900)

$ 192,300.– for “Original-Otto-Motor” by OTTO & LANGEN (1870)

$ 23,400.– for radio “Telefunken E5G” (1916)

$ 131,000.– for typewriter milestone “Malling Hansen” (1867)

$ 87,800.– for “10- rotor-Enigma cipher machine” (1935)

$ 17,200.– for tin toy car “Autobahnkurier” by Tipp & Co. (1936)

$ 21,150.– for tin toy car “Chrysler Imperial Le-Baron” (1962)

$ 130,000.– for rare “Leica 250 GG with motor” (1942)

$ 100,000.– for “Raumbild-Archive by Schönstein”


… to mention only a few of more than 30 new world record prices which we have realized, and which extend our world’s leading position.

These brilliant results don’t allow us to rest, but encourage us to work harder to improve our service.

Our decades long worldwide experience results in sales quotas of 92–98% and more than 80% (!!) of all material sold goes to foreign collectors, museums, universities, companies and institutions.

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We’ll come to visit you wherever you live. We’ll advise you and organize the packing and shipping so that your collection arrives safely in Germany.

We have been collectors ourselves for more than 35 years and that’s why you can count on our experience.

If you are considering selling your collection (in any technical area) – please call us or your closest representative. Just fax or e-mail us some details of your collection. We’ll be glad to show you how easy and safe it is to join our container transports, and to offer your collection to the entire worldwide collector’s market. With our fully-illustrated COLOUR auction catalogues you’ll realize absolute top sales results because of the tremendous international interest.

No other auction house in the world can offer this tremendous service!

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