»Rare Musical Advertising Automaton by Leopold Lambert«, c. 1915
With black-painted bisque character head impressed "N" in script, modeled as a grinning man with well-defined features, inset glazed porcelain teeth, brown glass eyes, curly black mohair wig, bisque hands holding aloft a hinged clip for a business or visiting-card and gilt-decorated lacquered papier-mâché scallop shell for additional cards, height 23 ½ in. (60 cm), original paint, unusually fine and bright original costume showing only minimal wear, good working order, with steel "LB" key and brass stop/start. – In a 1919 issue of "Le Jouet" magazine Lambert advertised a "splendid assortment of mechanical pieces for display windows, well suited for use in confectioners' shops, green-grocers' shops, perfume shops, haberdashers' shops, tobacconists". A rare and early advertising automaton, the only example of its kind that we have seen to date.
Estimate: € 7,000/9,000
US$ 9,600/12,300
Reserve: € 6,000/US$ 8,220
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