»Le Jeune Noir au Banjo« Musical Automaton by Vichy, c. 1900
With head modeled as a young black boy with smiling expression, brown glass eyes, articulated eyelids and original mohair wig, sitting on the top rung of a white-painted chair that houses going-barrel movement playing a single air as the musician turns and nods his head, blinks, strums and lifts and crosses his right leg, dressed in checked silk shirt, string tie, light-blue jacket, sash and straw hat, height 22 in. (56 cm), with brass Vichy key and "acorn" stop/start. Very well-preserved original paint. Provenance: Ex-collection of Jacques Damiot. Accompanying the automaton is the 1978 exhibition catalogue "Automates Musiciens de Jacques Damiot" at the Palais Lascaris, Nice. A beautiful Vichy automaton with provenance from an early and historic French collection. 
Estimate: € 6,000/9,000
US$ 8,200/12,300
Reserve: € 5,000/US$ 6,850
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