Musical »Espagnole« Automaton
 by Leopold Lambert, c. 1885
With Jumeau bisque head stamped in red "Déposé Tête Jumeau, S.G.D.G. 1", closed mouth, fixed threaded blue paperweight eyes, lightly-feathered brows, pierced ears with earrings, original dressed mohair wig, bisque shoulderplate and hands, holding tambourine connected to string of ribbons decorated with bells, on velvet-covered base containing single-air going-barrel movement that causes the Spanish dancer to sway her head, twirl the tambourine and lift the ribbons, dressed in original (fragile) satin costume with lace overlay, velvet bolero jacket and mantilla trimmed with silk flowers, coins and beads, height 17 ½ in. (45 cm), with brass Lambert key and stop/start, in good original working condition. A classic Lambert automaton with early Tête Jumeau head and beautiful original presentation.
Estimate: € 3,800/4,500
US$ 5,200/6,200
Reserve: € 3,400/US$ 4,660
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