»Interchangeable Orchestral Station Musical Box by Mermod Frères«, c. 1895
With four 6-air nickel-plated cylinders, 81 musical teeth in sublime harmony combs (complete), accompanied by optional drum, three Mandarin automata striking six bells and castanet with butterfly hovering above, coin-activated, crank-wind motor with Jacot's safety check, tune and speed-selectors, later coin slot and plaque with patent dates to 1890, in mahogany cabinet with glazed door flanked by carved columns and plinth above, height 35 in. (89 cm) x width 35 ½ in. (90 cm), cylinders 14 ½ in. (37 cm). – Impressive exhibition piece in excellent restored playing condition!
Estimate: € 10,000/15,000
US$ 12,600/18,900
Reserve: € 8,500/US$ 10,700
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