»Fine 18-Carat Gold Musical Snuff Box by Jean-Georges Reymond«, c. 1815
Stamped on lid and inner underside "I.G.R.C." in a diamond, with sectional-comb movement playing a long single air on narrow cylinder, fine comb of 64 teeth arranged in 32 sets of 2 (complete), engine-turned case with polished interior, lid and base with chased and engraved floriate borders and corners with stylised geometric designs, 3 ½ in. (8,5 cm) x 2 ¼ in. (5,5 cm), with key. An early gold snuff box of exceptional musical quality, the movement has an unusually narrow single-air cylinder and flat-tipped teeth without bass leads. 
Estimate: € 20,000/25,000
US$ 25,200/31,500
Reserve: € 16,000/US$ 20,160
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