Highlights of past Specialty Auction
World’s No.1
Toys & Tin Toys«

21 November 2009, 14:30h (2:30pm)

Extraordinarily important sale of rare collector’s items
and exhibition pieces!

Preview:    Fri   20 November 4 – 7 pm * Sat   21 November  8 – 10 am
Reception/Buffet: Fri 20 November 5-7 pm
- More viewing opportunities available upon request -

  Fully illustrated bi-lingual (Engl./German) Colour catalogue:
Europe: Single catalogue € 28,- * 
Overseas prices for USA, Japan, etc.
(incl. airmail delivery):  € 37,- (approx. US-$ 50.-).
Delivery against prepayment only
(Bank draft/cash or by Credit Card with expiry date and CVV security code:
Mastercard / Visa / AmEx)
© 2009 by Auction Team Breker, Koeln/ Germany
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Art Nouveau Doll's General Store
by  »Moritz Gottschalk«
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Horse Sledge »Rock & Graner«, c. 1885
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Bi-Plane »Ernst Plank«, c. 1910
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Airship Carousel by »Müller & Kadeder«, 1909
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»Tarzan – The King of Jungle«, 1966
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Lehmann »Also« Car No. 700, from 1950
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Walt Disney's »Donald Duck«, c. 1930
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Swiss Patent Doll by »Bucherer«
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Japanese Tin Toy Automaton,
 c. 1935
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»Munich Tramcar Set LGB
(No. 20202)«
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»LGB Orient-Express
No. 70685«,
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»Large Uintah Railway Steam
Locomotive LGB (No. 20882)
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»Crocodile LGB No. 2140« 
(Gauge 2m), 1990
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Large Soft Toy »Minnie Mouse«, c. 1935