Highlights of the Past Specialty Auction

World’s No.1
»Photographica & Film«

26 September 2015

Extraordinarily important sale of rare collector’s items
and exhibition pieces!

Preview:    Fr.,  25 September 4 – 7 pm * Sat  26 September 8 – 10 am
Reception/Buffet:    Fri  25 September 5-7 pm
- More viewing opportunities available upon request -

  Fully illustrated bi-lingual (Engl./German) Colour catalogue:
Europe: Single catalogue € 28,- * 
Overseas price for USA, Japan, etc.
(incl. airmail delivery):  € 37,- (approx. US-$ 52.-).
Delivery against prepayment only
(Bank draft/cash or by Credit Card with expiry date and CVV security code:
Mastercard / Visa / AmEx)

© 2015 by Auction Team Breker, Koeln/ Germany
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»Knight´s Cosmorama Stereoscope«,
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»Stereo viewer after the patent by Nunn«, 1857
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»Verascope Telephotography
(45 x 107 mm)«,
c. 1927
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»Universal Stereo Camera«,
c. 1888
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»Early Wide-Angle
Rolleiflex«, 1961
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»Reflex Camera No. 6 by Ottomar Anschütz, Berlin«,
c. 1900
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»Edison’s Projecting
Kinetoscope«, 1901
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c. 1925
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»Pathé Model B
c. 1905
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»Steinheil Achromat
(No. 18)«,
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»Photo-Éclair Model 1892«
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»Thomas A. Edison’s Kinetoscope«, 1893
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Leica Forerunner »Argus«, 1921
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»Sliding Box Daguerreotype Camera
by Frederick J. Cox«, c. 1848
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»Adams Tropical
c. 1909
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»Early Sliding Box Daguerreotype
Camera by Chadburn, Liverpool,
c. 1851
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»Small English Sliding Box Camera«,
c. 1870
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»Stereo Wetplate
Camera by
Murray &
Heath, London«,
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»Luzo (1st Version)«, 1896
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 »Extremely rare British Single Lens
Daguerreotype Sliding Box Camera«,
c. 1850
Click for "BIG" »Cinématographe
Lumière«, 1895