Highlights of the Past Specialty Auction

World’s No.1
»Photographica & Film«

20 September 2014

Extraordinarily important sale of rare collector’s items
and exhibition pieces!

Preview:    Fr.,  19 September 4 – 7 pm * Sat  20 Sepember  8 – 10 am
Reception/Buffet:    Fri  19 September  5-7 pm
- More viewing opportunities available upon request -

  Fully illustrated bi-lingual (Engl./German) Colour catalogue:
Europe: Single catalogue € 28,- * 
Overseas price for USA, Japan, etc.
(incl. airmail delivery):  € 37,- (approx. US-$ 52.-).
Delivery against prepayment only
(Bank draft/cash or by Credit Card with expiry date and CVV security code:
Mastercard / Visa / AmEx)

© 2014 by Auction Team Breker, Koeln/ Germany
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»A rare late 19th-century Photo-Theodolite«
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Reid I »Military Version«,
c. 1958
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»Photo-Theodolite« by
Troughton & Simms,
c. 1901
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»C. P. Stirn's Photographische Geheim-Camera«,
 c. 1886
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»Robinson's Photographicon«, 1865
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»Leica 250 GG Reporter«
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»Elnain« Color-Separation Camera,
c. 1927/28
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»Binocular« Detective Camera Romain Talbot, Berlin, c. 1895
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c. 1866
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Prototype »Minnigraph« Stereo Camera,
c. 1914
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»Miniature sliding box camera«,
c. 1845
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»Goerz« Photo-Stereo-Binocle, Model I, 1899
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»Anschütz« Tropical Wood Camera
(Box Form), 1890
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»Ermanox Reflex«, 1926
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»Le Scenographe«,
c. 1875
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»Multiple Lens Wet-Plate Camera«,
c. 1865
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Multiple 12-Lens Camera
»Ch. Hofmans«,
c. 1890
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»Table Top Stereo Viewer and Graphoscope«
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»Stereoscopic Binocular Camera«,
c. 1897
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»Le Photo-Revolver«, 1921
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»Camera Obscura« by M. Jones,
c. 1830
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»Sciophic Ball«, c. 1880
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No. 2« Photographie De Poche, 1865
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»Pantochrom« Color Separation Camera, 1949
Click for "BIG" Microscope by »C. Kellner's Nachf.: Fr. Belthle in Wetzlar«, 1866 Click for "BIG"
Photo-Sport »Dubroni«, 1889
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Knight's »Cosmorama« Stereoscope