MITS Altair 8800, 1974
The Altair was the first personal computer in the world to be offered in large quantities and is widely considered to be the "first" PC. The "MITS Altair" was built in 1974 by Ed Roberts. This "Altair 8800" offered here is in excellent condition. The basic functions operate, the switches on the front panel work and the LEDs are blinking. 
The letter K at the end of the serial nummer plate indicates that it was purchased as a "kit" and that it was assembled by its owner. 
Included are the original "MITS CPU board" and a memory board 
with 8 KB (kilobytes) of memory. The machine runs on US 110 Volt. A fascinating exhibition piece of the early computer history!

Estimate: € 3.000/5.000
US$ 4,000/6,700
Reserve: € 1.800/US$ 2,430
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