»Le Paon Marchant« (Walking Peacock) Automaton by Roullet et Decamps, c. 1910
With peacock feather plumage, glass eyes, articulated neck, tail and brass feet, the open-spring motor in the body causing the bird to progress ponderously while looking from side to side and then pause to fan his stately tail feathers, length 24 in. (60 cm), height 23 in. (58,5 cm) with feathers raised, with steel key and stop/start lever. Provenance: Decamps family collection. The middle of the three sizes of mechanical peacock by Roullet et Decamps. An amazingly lifelike automaton, in excellent working condition.
Estimate: € 3,000/4,000
US$ 4,100/5,500
Reserve: € 2,800/US$ 3,840
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