»Williamson Cinematographic
Camera«, c. 1918
Butcher, London. 35 mm motion picture camera for 120 m film in wooden cassettes (two included), polished brass-bound mahogany body, handcranked mechanism for a single exposure per revolution, inverted matt image, finder with parallax correction and Xpress 3,5/2 in. lens by "Ross, London", on adjustable lens board, mechanism and case overhauled. The most advanced model of its time offered by the manufacturer, the single exposure per revolution (instead of the customary eight) suggests that the camera may have been a special order, possibly for early special effects photography. A specialized early motion picture camera!
Estimate: € 1,600/2,200
US$ 2,200/3,000
Reserve: € 1,200/US$ 1,620
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