Fine Gustave Vichy Musical
»Marchande des Masques«
(Japanese Mask Seller) Automaton, c. 1890
With composition head, original paint, brown paperweight
eyes with articulated lids. The going-barrel movement in the
body playing two airs and causing the figure to act, in original silk kimono, height 34 in. (86 cm), 42 in (107 cm) with parasol, 
with brass key stamped "GV" and "acorn" stop/start, good working order. The automaton appeared in the Vichy catalogue as a "modèle déposé", a process usually reserved only for a maker's most important pieces. With her lifelike movements and impressive size, the Japanese Mask Seller is one of Vichy's most iconic automata. This example is preserved in overall fine original condition.
Estimate: € 30.000/50.000
US$ 38,000/64,000
Reserve: € 25.000/US$ 32,000
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